Greenwood Shalom is a faith-based, academically focused program serving children in Boston.

Job Description

Job Title: Educator

Status: Part Time (School Year); Full Time (School Vacation and Summer)

Reports To: Director/ Site Coordinator

General Function:  An educator will represent the Greenwood personally and professionally in accordance with the mission and goals of the Greenwood Shalom under the direction of the site coordinator.  He/she will implement program activities for children, which provide for spiritual, social, academic and emotional growth and will adhere to the policies and regulations set forth by Greenwood Shalom After School Program and the Department of Early Education and Care.  The safety and the overall welfare of the children, families, and communities are of primary importance.

Job Criteria:

1. High School diploma and 3-6 months of direct care experience with school-aged children OR Bachelor’s degree in Education and 3 months of direct care experience with school-aged children.

2. First Aid/CPR certification within 6 months of hire date.

3. Individual should like children and have the ability to work with and understand the needs of children. Have a commitment to working with children from a variety of backgrounds.

4. Must be a positive role model and be able to maintain a motivational, energetic attitude while conducting activities.

5. Required CORI and DFC check


• Provide a warm, safe environment for all children. Emphasize personal safety and wellbeing with children, parents and staff at all times.

• Uses positive and effective methods of behavior management that stress teaching, not punishment.

• Develop a positive rapport and communication with children, parents, and staff.

• Attends monthly staff meetings and trainings as required by the Greenwood Shalom and EEC.

• Acts as an academic resource to students and parents by reviewing homework, teaching study skills, providing enriching activities, arts and crafts, games and providing support when needed.

• Reports all accidents immediately, and assists with necessary documentation.

• Implements activities that foster creativity and cultural and academic awareness.

• Working with students to help them understand key concepts, especially those learned in the classroom

• Teaching skills to improve academic performance, including study strategies, note-taking skills and approaches to answering test questions

• Demonstrating academic best practices for specific subjects and assignments, including research and writing tactics

• Developing and distributing teaching materials to supplement classroom lessons, including study guides

• Conducting practice tests to track progress, identify areas of improvement and help set goals for exam preparation

• Providing students positive and constructive feedback

• Offering feedback on progress to students’ parents and teachers where appropriate

• Committed to working with students and families to support their academic, social, and emotional success throughout the summer.

• Discover students’ unique needs by working and assessing the students and assist the Site Coordinator in adding to their academic portfolio to help each student plan to succeed.

• Performs other duties as required by Director.

General Management

1. Provide a warm, safe and Faith-centered environment for all children that is learning-oriented online and in-person.

2. Develop a positive rapport and continuous communication with staff, parents, teachers and school administrators when needed

Responsibilities and Duties (In-Person)

• Keeping the classroom and equipment clean and usable

• Creating classes and ideas to engage children.

• Ability to organize activities for youth 5-13 years old

• Creative and attentive to details.

• Employ patience, compassion, and a genuine appreciation of our children

Program Management

1. Complete and execute a lesson plan for every activity

2. Post daily schedule for students, parents and community partners to view

3. Provide direction to volunteers

4. Implement program schedules

5. Possess a commitment to working with children from a variety of diverse backgrounds

6. Oversee the use of the computer lab and other equipment

7. Keep track of soft materials and hard equipment, where soft materials include such things as pencils, paper and like category of items; and hard equipment includes such things as computers, and like category of items

Additional Responsibilities

1. Assume other activities and responsibilities, from time to time, as directed by Program Director.

2. Work with the Program Director in developing a Calendar of Events

3. Work to upgrade knowledge in the trends in the Out-of-School Time field and education and skills

4. With the Program Director, work in the updating of the short- and long-term goals of the program on a yearly schedule; as well as the evaluation of the program using EEC QRIS guidelines


1. Associate degree in a related field of education and at least one (1) year of direct school age childcare experience; or

2. Bachelor’s Degree in Education and six (6) months of direct school age childcare experience or

3. Bachelor’s degree in Social Work and (6) months experience of direct care with school age children

4. First Aid/CPR certification within 6 months of hire date

5. Experience working with urban youth that have academic challenges and, in some cases, behavioral challenges

Personal Attributes

1. Must be at least 20 years of age

2. A positive role model and able to maintain a motivational, energetic attitude while conducting activities, and or communicating with students and or parents

3. Excellent organizational and interpersonal skills

4. Knowledge of community and neighborhood resources specially to fulfill program needs

5. Ability to develop collaborations with outside agencies

6. Skilled in: time management, stress management and ethical decision-making

7. Effective written and oral communication skills

8. Effective negotiation and mediation skills

9. Ability to read and interpret documents such as safety rules, EEC regulations, QRIS, and procedures.

10. Ability to write routine reports and correspondence.  

11. Ability to speak effectively before groups of parents, funders, school administrators, teachers or community partners

12. Knowledge in basic computer skills, Zoom, Class Dojo and Google Classroom a must.

Working Conditions

1. Physical Demands

a. Long hours sitting and or standing working with children which can cause muscle strain.  The Site Coordinator may also have to do some lifting of supplies (up to 25 lbs.) from time to time

2. Environmental Demands

a. May be interrupted frequently to meet the needs and requests of students

b. May find the environment busy, noisy and will need excellent organizational time and stress management skills to complete required tasks.

3. Sensory Demands

a. Include use of the computer, which may cause eyestrain and occasional headaches.  The office may be noisy and busy making it difficult to concentrate

4. Mental

a. The Site Coordinator deals with a very stressful environment as they may have a number of learning activities operating at one time, and may be required to deal with students, educators and or volunteers whose needs may differ, on an on-going basis.

How To Apply

If you are interested in this role, please send your resume to

Full time or Part Time

1:00 pm - 7:00 pm