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What are the eligibility requirements for enrollment?

Are there scholarships Available?

Our partial scholarships are based on funding availability. Scholarship funding is given on a  first-come first-serve basis. Families must be income eligible and submit a scholarship application as well as recent pay stubs or tax return. Our partial scholarships will not cover 100% of the program tuition. Parents will still be responsible for some portion of program cost.

My child is sick, can they still attend?

Under no circumstances can students attend our program if they are exhibiting symptoms of colds, illnesses, or Covid-19. Please stay home until fever and symptoms are gone. This is for the safety of our children and staff.

To review our complete health and safety policy, please click here.

Do you provide financial assistance?

Is Transportation provided?

Transportation is only provided for voucher recipients who have transportation included in their voucher.  In this case, Greenwood Shalom will hire bus drivers who are qualified through EEC transportation policy to transport your child. During the school year, one-way transportation is provided from after-school to home. During school vacations and summer, round- trip transportation is provided from home to the program and back home. If you do not have transportation included in your voucher and would like to request it, submit this transportation request form to your case manger. Otherwise, parents are responsible to provide and arrange their own transportation for their child.

Will my child have a meal?

Yes! Every child is provided a snack during after-school. During our full day programs, students receive breakfast, lunch, and a snack. Our food is provided by Redi-Pax and it's delicious! o get an idea of the food we servemenu here.

Are laptops available to use at home?

Do you Speak Spanish?

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